Facility Management Services (FMS)

We consider—and manage—every aspect of your facilities to create a safe, compliant environment that increases productivity. Technical or administrative support, interactive or analytical services—we have you covered.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive facility management strategy to achieve your ambitions. And with data and analytics at the core of everything we do, you’ll know where you stand today and where you can optimize and adjust for the future.

Your company runs critical applications to ensure business runs like clockwork. However for that to happen, applications need to run like clockwork, and so do the IT infrastructure supporting them. That’s what Progression ensures with the Facility Management Service. On-site engineers backed by a team of remote experts, ensure quick recovery from any system failure, and coordinate and follow-up with third party vendors/service providers for equipment under warranty. Progression’s objective is to ensure that the business sees as little downtime as possible.

Where appropriate we eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs for our clients, by streamlining processes, introducing multi-skilled teams and continuously improving our service lines by investing in innovation. This gives excellent standards of service, protected assets and an exceptional customer experience for you, your employees and visitors, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.